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Hi, i’m Jamie from ‘Our Piggy Bank’ i’m so happy and grateful you have stopped by our frugal blog. I’m a 29 year old who is a self confessed frugal freak! And luckily enough for me i found my dream girl, Miss Piggy Bank ( Bethany – 25 ) who also shares my money saving passion. We are blessed with a beautiful baby boy called Noah and a not so quiet pooch named Bronson, not named after Charles Bronson i assure you! We try our best to “live more by spending less” and live in the North East, Uk. We are currently paying down on our remaining £63,000 of debt to achieve debt freedom.

What is Our Piggy Bank?

Our piggy bank is a frugal lifestyle blog that encompasses everything frugal and money saving related to help you gain control of your finances and ultimately live a simpler and happier life. We write about many different frugal subjects that include:

    • Money saving
    • Frugal food
    • Lifestyle
    • Babies on a budget
  • Product reviews

We know that money can cause problems for many people, anxiousness and depression amongst other things can be brought about by poor money management. Living paycheck to paycheck can be a thing of the past by following simple money saving guidelines like our 52 money saving methods that actually work and getting yourself out of the consumerist culture that many people find themselves.

Our frugal money saving journey

Like many others, we were living paycheck to paycheck, working two jobs each. Whatever money we did have left at the end of the month was squandered on unnecessary items of short term pleasure. Eating out, latest clothes, nights on the tiles and being ‘weekend millionaires’ was just the norm for us. What’s worse is that we were still living with our parents, with no savings or any means of getting ourselves on the property ladder to start our life together.

One day though things just changed… we had an epiphany, “We can live more by spending less” was spouted out and it just resonated. Come to think of it, we were probably overspending in every aspect of our lives. We decided to tighten our belts and start saving money for our first home, it wasn’t going to be simple saving our house deposit but we thought if ever, why not now.

We never looked back at how things used to be, being frugal was great. We cut our spending down by over 70% within a few months, learning frugal ways as we went with a lot of trial and error. Our goal to buying our own home was looking achievable, in fact it was approaching much faster than we anticipated. So much so that we delayed the purchase of a home to save a larger deposit at 20% instead of our original 10% goal.

A few years later, we had our home exactly the way we wanted it… well apart from a few creaky floorboards. It was time for us to think of having a baby, It seemed like only a few months went by as we sat there receiving the news that we were expecting. Straight away, we looked at ways we could cut costs even further and how to make the costs of a baby cheaper. We knew we had to be stable for the inevitable hit to our finances due to loss of earnings. We have now narrowed our monthly expenditure down and get by on just £960.00 per month.

Having a baby was the greatest moment of our lives, Noah brings so much joy to us and the whole family. What’s strange though is how cheap he actually is. We think due to us now being so frugal we have adjusted to the new addition really well and noticed hardly any change in our financial situation. Being frugal has taught us what is really important and we know it will be the same for you and many others who wish to make a change to their circumstances in a frugal way.

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