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Category: Frugal Kitchen

Fozen vegetables vs fresh veg and why frozen veg is just as good and cheaper.

I used to only ever have fresh veg in the house, i never even contemplated frozen vegetables or incorporating it into our regular meal plans. Last week though we got the monthly farm food junk mail through the door and i noticed there any 5 bags of frozen vegetables for


I don’t know about you, but for me the question of ‘whats for dinner today’ kinda gets on my nerves when its asked on a daily basis! with this weekly meal plan printable though, that question wont be asked quite as often. Yesterday seen us phone food in because, between


If you don’t stock these frugal food staples, you should. These are basic pantry ingredients every frugal kitchen should have to make cooking cheap and easy. When we first started our frugal living journey, food was one of the major things we saved money on. Having a well stocked kitchen